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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Duluth at Night

 Duluth Skyline from Park Point - 42nd on the beach.

Louisville and Baseball

As most of you know, Mark and I drove to Louisville to see Ben and Ashley. We had a great time! We did a lot of walking, sitting at games and eating – do you have any idea how often a baseball player eats!

We did a lot of walking on the ‘Waterfront Park’ that goes along the Ohio river for miles! We thought we must have covered most of it, but I’m sure we didn’t. The park areas are beautiful! Our hotel was on Riverfront Road and was also great. The ball field was beautiful and we walked around that a lot, too. Our 'family section' at the ball park was right behind home plate - great view of the pitcher! The food there was really good, too. They have a great kids play area including a 'merry-go-round'! They have great entertainment between innings - even a golden retriever who gets the bats and returns them to the dugout! We walked downtown and enjoyed the ‘Gallopalooza Art Exhibition’ – statues of painted that had been in the Kentucky Derby races. They really were pretty. We went to the Louisville Slugger Museum and factory where they make bats for the professional ball players along with lots of other wooden, metal and composite bats – very interesting. We even came home with miniature bats!

Ben pitched one game while we were there and did great. He pitched 8 innings of a game that went 16 innings! He is still doing great – he pitched last night – 6 innings with a personal record high 9 strike-outs!

Mark did some fishing - yes, he brought a fishing pole and tackle box - and he caught 4 bass! I found lots of flowers while he was fishing. We saw some historic sites - old water tower, one wall from a historic home, Abe Lincoln, Old Spaghetti Factory and more. We saw a helicopter put an air conditioner unit on the top of a downtown building - with strong enough winds to blow branches off trees! Even some unique cars
For more photos from our trip, click here.

For more photos from our trip, click here.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Here's some signs of summer really being here - at least for a short time!

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