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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

4/14/10 Home for a visit!

They got here about 1:30.  They come to the office so one of the doctors could look at TCS's front tooth (just a little spot on it).  He was so good and so cute!  He showed the girls his teeth right away - she said they told him he was going to the dentist and he was going to look at his teeth, so he showed them to us!  He sat in the big chair so good and let one of the nurses take a 'picture ' of his tooth.  We showed him what the camera was and he smiled his crooked little 'camera smile'.  He got to pick toys out of the toy chest and loved the bouncing balls.  I went to her in-law's for dinner.  We had to us Tica to trick TCS into going back inside - he loves it outside and would just stay out there.  I got to read him 2 story books before he went to bed.  He such a little boy, now - not just a toddler!  He talks so good and will repeat names to you whenever you ask him to.  What a cutie!!

TCS gives Grandma Wendy his 'camera smile' while mom and Dr. talk about his tooth

Daddy is helping TCS pick out a toy from the 'toy chest'

With Edie and Beth's help, TCS picks out 2 balls - yes, he did throw them both!

Grandma Mo shows TCS his 'Elmo' cake - he loves Elmo!

TCS digs right into the frosting!

This is TCS's 'camera smile' for Danielle

TCS loves Auntie Diane's necklace - 'beads' - she put it on him and he is so proud of it!
Auntie Dani in the background of the mirror

Auntie Dani reads to TCS
Grandma Wendy reads bedtime stories to TCS

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