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Monday, April 5, 2010

My photo on Daily Duluth contest!

My nephew told me yesterday about a photo contest for Duluth -  He had one of his photos entered there and won the photo for a day on March 19th.  So, last night I entered this photo and this morning, it was the 'Photo of the day for April 5th'.  Thanks, Jer!  I took this photo one morning this winter.  One of the girls as work told me the steam was really over the lake, so I took an early lunch (at 9am) and went to get some photos.  This was one of my favorites - especially, since I went to school at Central (and my parents went there and my older sister).  

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  1. Congratulations on your picture winning!! You photos a beautiful, I agree with you that it is fun to take a bunch and then hunt for the perfect shot. There is currently a photo contest on the MN Renissance fan page on Facebook for Street Entertainers if you have any new or old ones of that. I look forward to seeing more cool shots. :)