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Friday, May 8, 2009

Fix-itFriday Feedback Day

This is the one I fixed, there are still glare marks on the glasses and would like the faces to be more even from front to back.

The orginal -  photo was taken with a Nikon D80, ISO 300, 18mm lens, F4, 1/60 sec. with external 600SB flash.  

This is a photo I took of our staff - I need some help getting the colors right - especially the faces - in front and in back.  In the original, there's some  shine on some of the girls in the front, too. Needs a little cropping, too.  Thanks for your help.


  1. I would crop in to remove the sides and top head space. A vignette would also help this out to take away the distracting edges.

  2. It appears to be a bit crooked as well. I would suggest rotating it to the left a bit, then recropping in closer.

  3. OMGosh. I'm in awe that you got a portrait of NINETEEN people, all of whom are looking good, smiling and have open eyes! This is a tremendous feat!

    Just as Catharine and Jen suggested, I would certainly correct the tilt and then crop out any remaining "empty" side and top parts.

    You might bump your contrast and saturation just a little. Regarding correcting skin ... I'm not seeing a real color problem on my screen. If you're talking about lighter in front (closer to flash) and darker in back, then you might try using Jodi's MCP Touch of Light & Dark, which are available as a free download at her site (to darken a bit the front two rows of women and lighten just very slightly the back women). (assuming you're using PS. you didn't say...)

  4. Thanks for the comments - it took lots of pictures to get one ok one. I set it on a tripod and then set the timer so I could get in the picture, too. Would like to clone one missing staff member in the space on the right, but would need more time and experimenting to do that. Wendy

  5. I'm amazed on such a large group of people how well the picture turned out, this is a good photograph. I think large groups are the hardest to photograph.

    I'm not sure what you use for editing, but in Lightroom, I would look at playing around with the brightness, contrast and black levels. An edge burner or edge detail action would probably make a difference as well.

    You could also think about using a little smaller f-stop, perhaps f8 or so. This will will help as well.

    I agree with Skeller, the touch of lightness from MCP, would help this image.

    Nice work.

  6. The glare marks, you'll just have to zoom in really close and clone them out. They don't look too bad.

    If the back row is a little dark, you can select them separately and brighten them up.

    I think you did a great job with so many people!

    Hope that helps,