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Friday, May 1, 2009

Yellow Roses Project

This is my 'Yellow Roses Project'.  For more project results, you can visit my Flickr page at:
 One of my co-workers got roses for her golden birthday on the 27th.  I am taking a community ed photography class to try to learn more about my Canon 30D camera and get it off the 'auto' button.  I took several pictures and was dissapointed in the quality - not very many in focus.  At my next class, I found out I had messed a little too much with the buttons, and my focus was doing weird things.  

Anyway, I used Capture NX (software from my Nikon D80 camera) to try to salvage some of the photos.  I cropped, did soft focus and just played around.  One of the things Capture NX has is a 'black control point'.  You just put the dot on what you think should be black.  I did that for most of the pictures by going to a dark shadow area.  As I was moving the dot around, I got the effect in the 'blue' roses.  It was interesting, so I saved a couple of them for my co-worker.  

I am anxious for us to start getting flowers around here (Northern Minnesota) so I can do more 'learning' on my camera.  

Most of my other photos on Flickr are from my Nikon D80, but that is in for repairs, so I am learning this new Canon camera.  I don't have a preferrence for either camera, yet.  Although, I would like to combine my favorite features from each camera and maybe come up with the perfect camera.  

My Flickr name is:  Wendy J Photos

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  1. Hey there!
    Nice photos. I really like the affect for the blue ones. Very cool. Good luck with your new blog and I look forward to seeing you around I Heart Faces!
    (Thanks for visiting my blog and for your nice comments, btw)