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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Robin's Nest Project

This was a project I worked on for several weeks (obviously, not this year). Because of the space the Robin decided to put her nest, I had to use my Fujifilm point and shoot camera to get the nest pictures - my SLR would not fit in the small space. I published a book about this on Blurb - 'The Robin's Nest"   You can preview the first 15 pages, but you can see most of the photos at my flickr site: Wendy J Photos

Here's the first egg!

and then there were two...

and now there are three...

The nest is complete - 4 beautiful blue eggs - good job Mom!

All but one left to hatch!

Not too pretty, yet, are they...

Mom or Dad on guard - always watching when not in the nest...

Still prettty ugly, but they are getting some feathers and color..

More feathers and getting bigger...

Waiting for the coast to clear, so I can bring some food to the babies...

Hey, wer'e hungry here... where's our dinner??

It's getting pretty crowed in here - we have to 'layer' just to fit in the nest.

Now there are only 2 left in the nest - I watched them to see what they would do now that the other 2 'flew the coop'.

He or she is on her own now - hopped to the driveway and then flew to a nearby tree - I didn't see them again and they never went back to the nest.

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