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Sunday, February 28, 2010

12/17/09 - Kelly's Day!

What a day for Kelly! First, she had to get ready for her UWS CSCI Senior Presentation - [2:30 P.M. – 3:00 P.M. - Kelly Jukich (CSCI) “Computer-Assisted Floorplan Design”]. She was the first presenter and was very nervous. She did a great job, though. Her presentation was a program that you could access online, put your room dimensions in and send it to Kelly's new business (Kollectiv Design Studio) and she would use those to design a kitchen or bath for you! You would be able to put windows, walls and doors and let her know your requests as far as colors, flooring, counter top, etc. Travis, Andy, Kathi and Mark and I were all there. When she finished that - she was done with her college! She finally graduated! She was really excited about that.

Kelly and Travis came over later that night and after being there a few minutes, Kelly took off her gloves and showed off her 'ring'! Yes, Kelly and Travis are engaged! We are all so excited! They are thinking next winter (maybe Jan or Feb) and it will be an 'all-inclusive' in maybe Mexico. Travis' brother did that and it worked out very well. Travis built a fire-pit down one of their path's this summer and he built a fire there, put up Christmas lights and had music set up (he borrowed Mark's generator a couple days before this and asked Mark for his daughter's hand in marriage). He had a bottle of Champagne and told her it was a 'graduation celebration' and then got on one knee and asked her. Very touching. They are both very excited! It took him (at least we think) a long time, but he finally made the decision! They are going to his parents (about 5 hours away) for Christmas and will be back Tues after Christmas.

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