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Monday, March 8, 2010

1/1/2010 Babysitting TCS

They came to town today and  had dinner with friends, so Marsha and John were going to babysit. Marsha invited Danielle and I to come visit, too, so we went to see them.TCS  was full of energy and very entertaining again. He even did some cooking for us! Fun, fun, fun....

This is the view from the their living room...

I asked TCS to smile for me - this is his 'camera smile'

Marsha was in the kitchen cooking and gave TCS some of his own 'pots and pans' so he could cook, too

I guess whatever he made is gone and voila - he has a hat!

TCS was doing some kind of dance for us

Who's that in the mirror?

Oh, here's my get-away chance...

Let's see how fast I can run from G-ma Mo!

Aren't I cute?

Cars and trucks, yeah!

TCS listening very intently to Auntie Dani...

Bear paws!

G-ma Mo showing me her tree - but don't touch!

Hello deer!

Wow, they are looking right at us!

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