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Monday, March 1, 2010

12/31/09 to 1/1/10 - It's a New Year!

New Year's Eve at the Olson's

Another New Year's Eve at Deb and Lee's - great food, great people and great music. There weren't quite as many musicians this year, but the music was still good. Lee even had it set up so the musicians were on the TV! Deb and Lee got 'Sauna hats' for Christmas - they are made of wool and keep your head from getting too hot in the sauna. They said they work great, too.

It was another cold year, so we didn't stay long out by the fire. This year, Mark and I and our dogs stayed overnight. It was really nice to not have to drive home late at night. The next morning, Deb and Lee showed us how their new Christmas gift worked - one of those waffle makers that the restaurants have. The waffles were great and the toppings, too! The drive home on New Year's Day was beautiful with all the snow covered trees. For some of my shots of the beauty of winter, click here.

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