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Friday, March 26, 2010

3/14/10 - Spring is Here Today!

Mark and I and the doggies took a walk to see the water rushing in the creek behind our house. It was a beautiful spring day and the snow was melting fast. Mark is holding Tica in his jacket because she walked off the ice right into the water! I was afraid she would go under the ice, so I grabbed her tail and got her back. One of my boots filled with snow, so we had to sit in the gazebo to dry it off a little before walking back in the snow. Later, I took Tica on the leash and walked to the Arrowhead road and took some pictures on both sides of the road - then watched the sun setting over the hill of the Arrowhead road. It was Tica's first walk on our road and she was good, but the noise of the cars scared it, so she stayed way off on the shoulder. What a wonderful day!

"Can I come, too??"

This snow is still pretty deep for Tica!

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