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Thursday, March 25, 2010

2/2/10 - Tica First Day Alone

This is where Tica will be spending her days for a while. Mark and I are going to take turns coming home for lunch to let her out and play. I did that today and it is so hard to go back to work - I just want to stay and play with her. There will be days when Andy will come play with the dogs, since he is still not working.

She really doesn't mind going in her kennel and sleeps all night - the first night she whimpered at 3:30 am and I let her out and put her back in and that's all we heard. 

This is how she greeted me when I came home from work - isn't she cute!

She loves all her toys - I put them in the basket, she takes them out! Sometimes, she tries to chew on the basket.

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