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Friday, March 26, 2010

2/7/10 - Snowshoe Walk

KC and I went for a walk to the pond and down the creek for a ways. So much pretty snow! I didn't think Tica would be able to manage the snow very well, so we left her at home. KC loved it and didn't have any trouble in the snow.

KC trying to decide if we are really going for a walk - one 'let's go' from me and she was off!

I can't believe how the snow can just sit there!

Our gazebo - cozy, even in the winter!

Just a light dusting of snow inside.

View from the river.

Hmm...intersting - there could be a story there!

Look how far up that snow goes and it stays there!

A puppy?? A piggy??

Looks like a long road with a turn

This was from behind a big tree on the other side of the pond

More snow, just hanging on the one side of the tree

Heading back home

Some of Mark's 'path lights'

Care for a seat?

More of Mark's lights

Back home - KC waiting for me to catch up

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