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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

1/31/10 - Tica's First Visit

Deb and I picked up Tica on Saturday and Mark thought it would be a good idea for her to meet 'Uncle Lee' on Sunday and do some bonding with him. We all know how he is about doggies!

Tica's first breakfast with us and learning how to drink from the big water dish.  She had to touch the water first with a paw, then she would take a drink.  She would only eat if we put some on the floor - maybe a habit from the kennel she came from.

It was cold and this is where she wanted to cuddle up!

Uncle Lee and Molly checking out Tica.

Bonding with Uncle Lee

Playing with Uncle Lee

Nap time with Auntie Deb

Tica likes to try to get right inside KC's mouth!

Back home - Tica ate her food and then wanted to check out what KC had - KC is now the queen, so she didn't let her at her food.

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