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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

1/30/10 - New member - Tica

So, Mark and I decided we missed having a little doggie around and before you know it, here she is! We still miss our little Roxie, but now we have a new little one to love! I did do a lot of research and looked at many, many photos of puppies. I finally decided on this little cutie. She is 1/2 Bichon and 1/2 Cavalier (King Charles) - also known as a Cavachon. My sister, Deb, and I drove to Fargo to pick her up. She was so cuddly right from the time I picked her up! We drove to Dori and Terry's house to show them our little one. They have 2 Yorkies and they played so cute together! Then we made the trip back home to meet Mark and KC. Tica snuggled on Deb's neck and then mine while Deb drove. She layed in her little blue bed and chewed on a straw. She cuddled with Mark right away and then met KC - it was so precious! KC was so gentle with her until she got to know her. They played tug gently and then took a nap on the couch. Off to a new phase in our life!

Let me in - it's cold out here!

A shared meal with her new friends!

Checking each other out.

A new toy - let's play!

A moment of rest, so I could get a phone picture to send to family!


Terry thinks they should have another baby (puppy, that is)!

So comfy.

This is where she wanted to be - just crawled right up there and settled in.

Chewing on a straw - liked it better than the toys I brought.

Tica meets KC

Gentle play

Gentle tug-of-war

Am I supposed to sleep now, too?

Nap time with my new friend!

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