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Sunday, March 7, 2010

1/2/10 - TCS Visit!!!

Tjey spent New Year's Eve at Joe and Angie's in the cities and then came home to Duluth.  We had a gathering at our house with them on January 2nd.  TCS was the star and I think he knew it!  He was awesome and very entertaining!

TCS remembers Auntie Dani!

Now who's coming in the door?  Grandpa Great!

TCS entertaining all of us!

TCS giving Roxie a hug!

I found this rocking chair this fall - he seems to like it!

This is what Danielle gave to TCS - it has cars and trucks, so it's a winner!

TCS is really into 'capes', so he had Danielle make his jammies into one.

TCS and his daddy are really serious about something...

Auntie Dani telling stories??

TCS is watching his cousin Masha  - he is enthralled..

Great Grandma and TCS are looking at photos - that's Masha!

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