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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

1/18/10 Roxie leaves us...

Mark and I both went to the vet today with Roxie - I think we both knew it would not be good news. She was getting weaker and weaker and her tummy was getting bigger again. She refused to eat and trying to give her the pills was a struggle. We talked for a while to the vet and she talked to Rye. Together, we all decided it would be best to let Roxie go. She was in pain and was only going to get worse. It was probably a tumor in her tummy that wouldn't allow her to eat. We did one the hardest things either of us has ever had to do and we let her go to sleep. We both held onto her and watched her eyes. We saw the light go out of her eye and then we both cried. Even the vet had a hard time with this. We went home and cried some more. The house was just not the same without our little Roxie in it. Even KC knew there was something wrong, she stayed close to us. Mark went down to his computer and came up about 10 minutes later with this poem. It made me cry to read it, but it so our little Roxie. This is our tribute to Roxie - I will be doing a photo book on her life with us, too.

Roxie came to us in the place we love the most
Where camping and music brought us together too
She joined us for our festival adventures
And snuck away to visit every camper
Everyone loved our little Roxie

She barked fiercely at every intruder
Until they were close enough to rub her belly.
As though to say, “Please come play with me!”
She was our guardian and playful companion
Everyone loved our little Roxie

At a jam or party, a guest would find themselves scratching her ear
And not remember how she got on their lap
She would look at them with appreciation and love
And casually move to the next open seat once the thrill was gone
Everyone loved our little Roxie

Roxie shared the heart and skills of an athlete
She would chase a ball for as long as you would throw it
Each time bringing it back to you
And throw it at you with a flick of her chin if you ignored her
Everyone loved our little Roxie

Roxie had to rub up against you or sleep beside you
Quick to present her belly for a scratch to anyone
Or she could wrap her head around your neck
To let you know she wanted to stay in your arms
Everyone loved our little Roxie

Roxie loved chasing snow more than anything
Whether shoveled or balled up
If you tossed it she would try to catch it and find it and do it again
Until the snow balls were hanging from her like tree ornaments
Everyone loved our little Roxie

When the chasing and cuddling were done
When she slowed down and was ready to go
We loosed our tears and took in her lost look
And stayed close as she slipped away.
We will always love our little Roxie

Mark Jukich

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