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Friday, March 26, 2010

3/5/10 - Winter Bluegrass Festival

We went to the Winter Bluegrass Festival in Plymouth at the Radisson Convention Center. We went down on Friday and back home on Sunday. We left KC with Andy and took Tica with us. I played with her in the room a lot and took her for walks, too. Towards the end of the weekend we went to see a radio interview of the LaPlant family and enjoyed them playing as a family. Then they awarded Lloyd and Bev with a plaque for the all-time-best volunteers! Bev wasn't going to go up there, but the crowd insisted she go up - she had tears in her eyes - a well-deserved award for them!

Tica saw the 'puppy in the mirror'  
it was so cute to watch her try to play with the puppy!

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